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  • Jeannie

"Are You a Horse Person?"

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

"Clay Wrangler...why the name? Are you a horse person?" I've been asked this question more than once. I've stayed at a dude ranch a couple of times but I'm no horse person.

I've been attracted to vintage cowgirl culture since I was young.

The texture of tooled leather, embroidered western shirts, soft horse ears, denim, and fringe. The "get stuff done" attitude, teamwork and friendships of strong women.

To me, cowgirl culture is similar to clay culture. Sure, there’s an abundance of texture possibilities with the materials and processes of clay and glaze, but beyond the technical stuff, it takes teamwork, mutual respect, hard work, lots of time, practice, and getting dirty sometimes.

This is why I’m still wrangling clay 26 years after first mucking around with it in Japan. Clay folk are my people.


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