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About Jeannie

My Background 

I'm originally from Sacramento, CA. I took a ceramics class while living in Osaka, Japan in 1995 and I've been a clay junkie ever since.  I currently live in San Francisco, CA where I wrangle clay in my small and mighty studio. I teach wheel throwing and ceramic sculpture courses at San Francisco State University, College of San Mateo, and Sharon Art Studio. My work has been exhibited in CA, NY, MI, MO, OH, and Japan.



MFA Fine Art, San Francisco State University

BA Art, Stephens College


My Process  

I make pottery and ceramic sculptures. I enjoy "wrangling" with clay in different ways.

POTTERY: I was first introduced to the vast world of ceramics on the potter's wheel in Japan, and I still love to throw. I'm no minimalist...most of my pottery is adorned with kitschy commercial ceramic decals, but sometimes I keep it simple with one color of glaze.

SCULPTURES: Some of my sculptures are combinations of clay and porcelain slip. Terrycloth rags, old clothes, and remnants of flannel are soaked in porcelain slip and often draped over a clay form. The fabric burns away in the kiln and porcelain and fire give the piece a new life. Drips, and especially cracks, are celebrated.

Other times when I sculpt the clay is squeezed, poked, coiled, and pinched.

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