Are you a Bay Area local? Wanna play with clay at home? Contact me... 

Mini Ceramic Studio…work at home at your own pace 


Do you have basic ceramics hand-building skills and want to work at home at your own pace? The Mini Ceramic Studio offers everything you need to hand-build with clay at home. The clay and glazes in this kit will be fired to CONE 6, suitable for dishwasher and microwave use after the final firing.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Pick up your “clay kit” at my studio (Sunset District, San Francisco). If you don’t have clay tools, you can rent a basic tool kit and work board. Take your time and work at your own pace. When you’re ready, drop your pieces off at my studio for bisque firing. 

  2. Pick up your bisque ware about 1 week later and take your time to wax and glaze your work at home.

  3. Drop off your glazed work for a final glaze firing at my studio. 

  4. Finished work will be ready for pick up about 2-3 weeks later. 


Please note: No instruction included. You should have a basic understanding of working with clay. You must be able to pick up and drop off work at my studio in the Sunset District in San Francisco for kiln firings.

What’s Included:

10 pounds of CONE 6 clay of your choice: Navajo (brownish-red) or B-Mix (cream color)

4 underglaze colors of your choice (2 ounce containers)

2 ounces wax resist

Clear, food-safe overglaze (6 ounce bottle)

Bisque firing at my studio

Glaze firing at my studio

Project ideas for inspiration

PRICE:  $125 per person

OPTIONAL RENTAL: $15  basic pottery tool kit and 24” x 24” work board to be used for the duration of course. Please return when you bring your work for final firing.

Paint Your Own Pottery Kit...paint at home at your own pace  

Design and paint anytime you like at home. I offer a variety of contemporary bisque plates, mugs, and bowls, and some cute figurines, all ready for glazing. Pottery painting is not just for kids!


Take your time to paint at home and I’ll fire your work in my kiln when you’re ready.  This is a great way to spend “non-screen” time at home with your family.

What's Included:

7 glaze colors of your choice

3 brushes

Lots of glazing tips and techniques for inspiration

kiln firing

Please note: No instruction included. You must be able to pick up your kit and drop off glazed work for firing at my studio in the Sunset District in San Francisco.


$40 per person, plus cost of bisque (most are $5-10 per piece)

these are just a few examples of the available bisque, ready to paint